Circulation is not the same as Impressions

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Circulation is not the same as Impressions

Postby AntonyGeorge » Wed Oct 19, 2016 7:33 am

Circulation is the complete quantity of pedestrians who pass by your advert, headquartered on roadway, railway and pedestrian knowledge. Impressions are the quantity of men and women who truly see the ad, founded on the dimensions of the billboard, visibility, the velocity at which persons are passing, and so on.Suppose you've two selections in your outdoor media place: 1. Next to educate route the place travelers cross at forty mph, or 2. Next a site visitors-congested highway where automobiles halt for the duration of rush hour. The two spots may have the identical circulation, but the latter will obviously get more impressions. For this reason, be certain you’re discussing impressions when negotiating a deal and now not circulation.
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